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Winter Cleaning Tips
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Top Tips For Keeping Your Industrial Site Clean In Winter

When it comes to keeping your industrial site clean and operating as efficiently as possible, the colder winter months can raise a number of additional challenges. As temperatures drop below freezing, ice can make working conditions very hazardous, while it can also make it much harder to clean surfaces and remove dirt. If you are […]

Do you have a backup plan?
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Are You Covered When Your Cleaners Are On Holiday?

When it comes to keeping your commercial space looking its best, regular cleaning is essential. For many large organizations, this means daily visits from your cleaning team to remove dirt and dust and empty your waste bins. However, what happens when your regular independent contractor is unavailable due to being on holiday or illness? In […]

Construction Cleanup
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Cleaning After Construction

There’s an age-old joke about Winnipeg – that our four seasons are Winter, Winter, very Winter and construction season. There is an air of reality to this, since the start of spring means two lanes become one in short order across the city. Construction doesn’t just happen on city streets however; renovations to commercial outlets, […]