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Cleaning After Construction

Author: Bison Janitorial

There’s an age-old joke about Winnipeg – that our four seasons are Winter, Winter, very Winter and construction season. There is an air of reality to this, since the start of spring means two lanes become one in short order across the city.

Construction doesn’t just happen on city streets however; renovations to commercial outlets, industrial buildings and offices are heavy parts of life in Winnipeg. While work is done year round, the market for repairs and retrofitting heats up in sync with the temperature.

While the outcome from such work is visually appealing and adds functionality to your space, there is a concern that is left behind as well – cleanup.

Now don’t get us wrong – a construction crew generally will do a neat-and-tidy removal of debris and leave your new space looking like it came right out of a showroom; but there’s a secret sauce in their recipe for prepping your new space. Construction companies will remove their equipment and large debris, but then they will call a company like Bison Janitorial to finish the job.

Cleaning up after a major renovation has been completed means a very deep clean. Sawdust or particles from other building materials can be really annoying to clean up and even more troublesome if not removed from the premises efficiently. Other times, there maybe small building parts – the occasional nail or screw – that is left behind. We make sure those are all take care of as well.

The key for a proper construction project cleanup is having the right equipment. Whether it’s interior or exterior work that has been done to your Winnipeg business, our expert cleaning staff will put the final shine on your project. From environmentally-friendly cleaning products and commercial grade vacuums to lifts and other devices to get into the hard-to-reach spots, we do it all.

Don’t take our word for it – we work with dozens of construction companies across Winnipeg and Manitoba to ensure their work site is completely cleaned before opening day. We work with their schedule – and yours – to ensure that our thorough cleaning is complete.

To learn more about construction project cleanup with Bison Janitorial, contact us today!

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