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Fogging Disinfection Services

Experience peace of mind with Bison Janitorial’s top-tier fogging and spraying services that help maintain a pristine and germ-free environment. While COVID-19 may have receded, the importance of thorough disinfection remains, making our fogging services a critical aspect of ensuring the health and safety of your space. In just 30 minutes post-fogging, you can confidently re-enter your area, free from any harmful residues.

Introducing Ultra-Lyte

Our Natural Disinfection Solution

Our approach is backed by Ultra-Lyte, an all-natural solution that delivers unparalleled effectiveness. Our pandemic-trained staff employs a commercial-grade fogger to disperse this food-grade solution, ensuring your electronic devices and hard, non-porous surfaces remain intact. With Health Canada Approval (DIN number 02362546), Ultra-Lyte is a trusted shield against harmful pathogens.


A Comprehensive Solution

This remarkable disinfection agent annihilates not only COVID-19 but also a multitude of viruses, including HIV, adenovirus, norovirus, rhinovirus, rotavirus, listeria, swine flu, influenza A, salmonella, staphylococcus, and TB, to name a few. With a 10-minute virus-killing efficacy, you can swiftly resume your life and work routine.

Behind the Fogging

Our Disinfection Cleaning System

Ultra-Lyte is a game-changer due to its natural, non-toxic formulation derived from a simple sodium chloride (table salt) solution. We employ an exceptional ULV fogger that excels in hard-to-reach areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage and pathogen elimination. Your safety is paramount, and our fogging system guarantees optimal protection.

Protection Beyond Coronavirus

While Ultra-Lyte is instrumental in tackling COVID-19, its scope of defense extends much further. Bison Janitorial’s proficient staff employs Ultra-Lyte to disinfect expansive commercial areas, office spaces, vehicles, homes, planes, buses, and hospitals. Its safety extends to humans and pets alike, making it an excellent choice for private residences and businesses.

Reach Out to Our Disinfection Professionals

To learn more about how we can enhance the cleanliness and safety of your home, business, or facility, get in touch with our seasoned cleaning and disinfection experts. Download the Safety Data Sheet to explore further details about Ultra-Lyte. Safeguarding your well-being remains our top priority.