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Maintaining cleanliness in the workplace goes beyond addressing spills – it encompasses eradicating mould, controlling airborne contaminants, and regulating humidity levels. The advantages of enlisting professional janitorial services extend to medical and commercial offices, car dealerships, small businesses, and schools. By opting for professional janitorial services, you effectively prevent the onset of sick building syndrome.

While many buildings are designed for efficiency, creating energy savings through controlled heating and cooling, this often results in a tightly sealed environment. Without proper janitorial care, contaminants can become concentrated indoors. Some studies even indicate that indoor air quality can sometimes be worse than outdoor air quality due to inadequate cleaning, deodorization, and sanitation practices.

Consumable Supplies

Bison Janitorial offers an extensive range of cleaning products, including garbage bags, deodorizers, eco-friendly cleaning agents, and hand towels. Our assortment encompasses various cleaning packages, all designed to accommodate your budget and needs.

Purchasing cleaning supplies in bulk presents substantial cost savings compared to buying individual products. Bulk buying translates to lower costs per unit and eliminates the need for frequent individual supply orders. If you manage a spacious commercial area, bulk purchasing becomes even more advantageous, sparing you from extra shipping hassles.

We’re here to tailor your cleaning package to suit your budget and sanitation requirements. Our supportive supervisors oversee product inventories and place orders as needed, lightening the load for building managers. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

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