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The Hype Is Over, but the Long-Term Cleanliness Expectations Aren’t Going Away

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There can be no denying that the last few years have seen a significant change in how we clean and disinfect workplaces. The pandemic highlighted the need to be focusing on removing germs and bacteria, and with office workers spending more time sitting at their desks than anywhere else, we thought we would take a closer look at some of the best ways to keep your workplace clean and disinfected:

  1. Follow the current guidelinesWhile life is returning to some sense of normality, it is important to remember that the pandemic is far from over, and we will have to become accustomed to living with COVID-19. That is why one of the most important tips to remember is to ensure that you are always following the current guidelines and advice being issued.
  2. Increase your cleaning frequency
    Making sure that you are keeping a frequent and comprehensive cleaning strategy is essential in helping you to keep your office looking great and free from dirt and germs. The frequency will depend on the size of your workplace and the number of employees working there, but you should ideally be focusing on cleaning the entire office once a week and key areas daily.
  3. Focus on germ hotspots
    Another top tip on ensuring your office is clean, disinfected and safe for your employees is to ensure that you are focusing on those areas known for being hotspots for germs. Some of the most common spots include the computer mouse and keyboard, office kitchens, and touchpoints such as door handles and lift buttons.While regular disinfection and cleaning are essential in helping to remove germs and keep your staff healthy, you should also encourage them to follow best practices. This includes using antibacterial hand wash, regularly wiping their phones and keyboards, and avoiding eating at their desk.

Need help keeping your office clean?

Keeping your workplace clean and disinfected is vital in ensuring the health and happiness of your staff, but it can also be a time-consuming task. Here at Bison Janitorial Services Ltd., our highly experienced team is on hand to help take that stress and pressure away from you, giving you complete peace of mind that your office is clean.

From comprehensive vacuuming and carpet cleaning to desktop disinfection and washroom maintenance, we will ensure your office is not only looking its best but is safe for your staff, too, so get in touch today to find out more.

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