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Top Tips For Cleaning The Office Fridge

Author: Bison Janitorial

When it comes to keeping your office clean, the fridge is likely not the first area that springs to mind. However, did you know the kitchen is the leading place for office germs? With 22% of office fridges only being cleaned once a year, we thought we would take a closer look at some top tips to ensure yours is fresh, safe, and clean.

  • Step One – Empty the fridge

The first thing that you should do is to remove all of the products currently in the fridge. This will not only give you enough room to thoroughly clean every area, but it also gives you a chance to check the dates of each item and throw any away that are no longer edible.

  • Step Two – Clean the shelves and interior walls

Once your fridge is empty, you can then move on to cleaning the shelves and interior walls. To do this, you should use hot and soapy water and a sponge or cloth. For any stubborn stains or build-ups of grease, you can use a heavy-duty cleaner.

Once you have removed all of the dirt, you should then dry the entire fridge with paper towels before rinsing it again with clean water and drying it with a cloth.

  • Step Three – Clean the water dispenser

If your office fridge has a water dispenser, then you should clean this to prevent mould or bacteria from causing sickness. To do this, remove the tank from the fridge and take off any covers. Next, you should thoroughly scrub all surfaces with warm soapy water before drying and rinsing with clean water.

  • Step Four – Clean the coils

Although you do not need to do this stage every time, you should clean the coils and back of the fridge every few months to keep it working in the best condition. To do this, remove the cover and vacuum any dust or dirt that has built up.

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