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Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

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Having a clean office is the key to maintaining a healthy environment. Customers do not want to come into an unsightly office and employees do not want to work in one. Follow the office cleaning tips below to ensure your office remains clean.

1. Cluttered Desks

Maintaining a clutter free desk will assist in the cleanliness of the office and will assist you in remaining organized. Clutter only makes your job more difficult. At the end of each day, be sure to organize your desk to ensure that it is clutter free.

2. Food Mess

Eating at your desk can cause more to clean as crumbs and spills accumulate. These spills could turn into stains and larger messes as well. Try to eat where there are designated areas to eat such as outside or in the break room.

3. Attack on Germs

Germs are everywhere, especially when dust accumulates. Dust can accumulate on many surfaces including electronics, desks and shelves. Be sure to wipe down the dust from these areas with a multipurpose cloth at least weekly in order to maintain a healthy office.

4. Learn the Word Antibacterial

Germs spread easily in tight environments, including office environments. Utilize antibacterial products throughout the office including hand sanitizer to keep employees’ hands clean. Also use antibacterial sprays and wipes for cleaning purposes to rid the office of germs.

5. Common Areas

Everyone should do their part in maintaining the cleanliness of common areas such as break rooms. If you notice clutter or crumbs in the area, take a few minutes to straighten the area or wipe it down. If you notice dishes, you could even do some of the dishes.

6. Trash

Trash should be emptied daily in order to eliminate the spread of bacteria and bad odors. Every individual should do their part in ensuring trash is taken out including taking out the trash at their own desks. Rotate who takes it to the dumpster if your office does not have janitorial services.

7. Clean All Spaces

Ensure that you are cleaning every space and that every space is easily within reach. Avoid hard to reach areas such as gaps between furniture. Make the office as easy to maintain cleanliness as possible.

8. Floors

Office floors can easily become cluttered and dirty with many people walking across them and office supplies falling on them. Be sure to sweep or vacuum daily and mop weekly. This will keep office floors safe and will give them a good appearance for employees and visitors.

9. Your Area is Your Area

You should not expect anyone else to have to clean up your area. It is your responsibility to keep it organized and clean daily. If everyone does their part in their area, the office will have a much cleaner environment.

10. Hire Janitorial Services

Many employees are so busy that they often neglect cleaning. Hire janitorial services to maintain cleaning services such as Winnipeg’s Bison Janitorial Services LTD. Follow these office cleaning tips and contact Bison Janitorial Services LTD. to ensure your office maintains a good appearance and remains clean.

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