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Tips for Keeping Office Washrooms Clean

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Having a clean and sanitary office washroom is essential to operations. This will also show your employees and customers that you truly care about them. If your office bathroom is dirty, people will form an opinion about your company in a negative way. Keep a clean washroom by following the tips below.

Create a Schedule

It is important to make a schedule for cleaning your office washrooms that you can stick to. Having a schedule will help you in keeping up with the appeal and maintenance and not falling behind. It is important to clean the office bathroom multiple times a week unless you have a significant number of employees and visitors. If that is the case, your washrooms may need to be cleaned daily.

Gathering Supplies

You should create a list of all cleaning & janitorial supplies you would like utilized in the cleaning of your office washroom. Some of the items that are essential include color coded cleaning cloths (for different surfaces to avoid cross contamination), glass cleaners, disinfectants and toilet bowl cleaners. Utilize more environmentally friendly options that both are effective and yet easy on  the environment and your employees’ health.

Cleaning the Toilets

There are many methods that can be utilized for cleaning your toilet bowl. The best way to clean the inside of the toilet is to apply some toilet bowl cleaner into the water, scrub aggressively with a toilet brush being sure to get into all the corners. Let it sit for 2 minutes and then completely flush the solution.  If the toilet does not sparkle simply repeat. Do not leave this solution in the toilet overnight as it will form a ring in the toilet (dye from the toilet bowl cleaner). Spray the outside parts of the toilet with disinfectant then wipe it down. Being sure to clean all around the 2 anchor bolts at the base of the toilet.  The toilet has to be clean for sanitation purposes. Many customers will not return if a toilet is not clean and sanitary.

Cleaning the Soffice washroom cleaningink

The goal of cleaning the sink should be to achieve a shiny sink that is free of debris. Remove hard water stains with a lemon. Use comet to clean the bowl,  if removing coffee stains and toothpastes. Use bathroom cleaners that are environmentally friendly that do not have harsh smells. Make sure that the smell is clean and that there are disinfectant properties in the cleaning supplies.

Cleaning the Mirror

Use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to remove any smudges from the mirror, including fingerprints, makeup stains and water stains. A more environmentally friendly option is to brew black tea, spraying it and using it as a cleaner on the mirror. Utilize various options until you find one that works for your business’ needs.  There are many environmentally friendly glass cleaners on the market.

Cleaning the Floor

In most instances, bathroom floors are tile or laminate. You need to ensure that the office or business bathroom does not have that sticky feel to it. Use your floor chemicals as instructed, do not add too much floor soap as this will leave soap residue and cause your floor to become soiled quicker.  Sweep and mop your bathroom at least once. Ensure that all debris comes off of the floor and use a good urine deodorizer to eliminate smells around toilets. These will allow for clean, shiny floors.

Utilize the tips listed above to develop a great bathroom cleaning strategy for your business or office. Ensure that customers and employees have a great experience while at your business. A clean bathroom is the way to appeal to both customers and employees.

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