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Things You Forget to Clean at Your Office

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Whether it’s big or small, businesses depend on many aspects to run efficiently. Maintaining a well-kept, hygienic environment will not only help to keep up appearances, but ensure that your employees stay happy and healthy, leading to increased productivity. From employees to custodians, people tend to overlook some of the places where a lot of dust, bacteria and germs can accumulate. So here are some of the things that you may forget to clean at your office.

Cleaning the Premises

When it comes to the office area or general premises, the custodians will typically keep well-trafficked areas spotless, but there are several areas that can be easily overlooked.

Door Knobs and Handles

Even in less-trafficked parts of the office, door knobs and handles are frequently touched throughout the day. This can cause oil, dead skin cells and bacteria to accumulate very quickly. From the front entrance to the inconspicuous supply closet, making sure to sanitize every door handle and knob that is in the work space will greatly improve your workers’ overall well-being and satisfaction. A decrease in sick days and a boost in morale can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.


Printers and copiers aren’t the first things that come to mind when considering what to clean, but office equipment are among the most frequently used areas within the workspace. Most workers tend to rely on these to get a large portion of their workload done, and this can lead to a bacterial hotspot. If you take a look at your printer or copier right now, chances are, you’ll see a surprising amount of dust and ink residue.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are oftentimes overlooked because they can be hard to reach, let alone clean, but lighting can attract hordes of dust. Dust can agitate allergies, carry bacteria and can even attract mites. This is one of those things that require constant tending to, and while most visible areas in the office may get dusted from time to time, there are a lot of overlooked hiding spots, such as light fixtures.

Employee Workstations

Some businesses will require their employees to maintain a clean workspace, but even small workstations, like a computer desk, can have overlooked elements.

Computer Accessories

Computers and other accessories, like computer mice, keyboards and monitors, are used every single day by office workers. The average person won’t think to clean his/her computer and accessories, so it stands to reason that most office workers don’t either. Even without constant use, these machines can accrue quite a bit of dust and particulates.

Office Telephone

An office telephone, especially the receiver, is one of the easiest ways for employees to expose themselves to bacteria and viruses. Simply wiping the phone down with disinfectant is an effective way to prevent your employees from falling ill, which can negatively impact your employees as well as your business.

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