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The School Challenge: More Than Just Cleaning

Author: Bison Janitorial

Every parent will know that children can be very messy at times. When it comes to schools, keeping a clean, safe, and sterile environment is essential in keeping students and teachers safe and preventing the spread of germs.

However, keeping a school clean and tidy can be a real challenge and there are a number of issues that cleaners can face, including:

  • Multiuse

One challenge that is becoming increasingly more common for cleaners is that school facilities are being used for much more than just education. They are often utilized as a space for community and sporting events. This means that cleaners have less time to undertake deep cleaning and sanitization, placing them under greater pressure.

  • Poor technique

Another major challenge i trying to keep a school clean is a lack of proper training or inadequate numbers of staff. Many facilities have to rely on a small team which means teachers and students often need to become involved in keeping their classrooms clean. However, this means that they lack the specialist equipment or cleaning chemicals required for extensive sanitation.

  • Limited funding

Of course, it is not just about a lack of experienced staff. Many schools are having to operate on very tight budgets, which further adds to the challenges janitorial staff face.

  • Constant footfall

With so many events on, it means there is an incredibly high level of footfall passing through each room. This means it can be very easy for pollutants, dirt, and germs to spread.  Certain areas, such as locker rooms or bathrooms, will harbour more germs and bacteria than other spaces, so it is important that they are undergoing extensive deep cleaning more frequently.

  • Lots of fabrics and furnishings

The materials found in schools also pose a number of significant challenges for cleaners. Furnishings and fabrics are the perfect environments for germs to live and thrive, which means that they are very hard to clean without the right equipment.

Looking to ensure your school is germ-free?

If you are finding it challenging to keep your school facility clean and germ-free, then Bison Janitorial is here to help you. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional cleaning services to clients across Winnipeg, working closely with them to tailor our services to meet their exact needs.

With over 25 years of experience in providing exceptional janitorial services, we guarantee to keep your school looking its best and your students and employees safe. Want to find out more? Get in touch today!

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