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The Composition of Cleaning

Author: Bison Janitorial

When it comes to shopping for groceries, it’s increasingly becoming a standard practice to look at a product’s list of ingredients to make sure that the food you’re consuming is safe to eat.

How about your cleaning though?

It may not seem that important, on the surface, but knowing what you are using to clean your office, commercial space or industrial building is vital. Sure, you may know a carpet detergent from a wood cleaner, but do you really know if the product you have been using in your office – be it to clean a simple spill or do a truly deep clean – is doing its job and safe?

Consider these facets:

– First, let’s start at the very basic level and understand why water is part of every cleaning agent. Water by itself is, at best, a quick solution that isn’t effective; but a surfactant can break up the two Hydrogen bonds in h2o and allow the composition to change pretty drastically. All the sudden, water has superheroic powers to clean in ways that it just can’t do alone. Try this one at home – spray one side your car with a garden hose, the other with a cleaning agent plus water. The difference is visible quite quickly.
– There are a wide variety of cleaning agents used commonly by cleaners across Winnipeg and Manitoba. Ammonia, citric acid, sodium hydroxide (commonly known as lye) and hydrogen peroxide are just a few examples. Yes, they’re effective and do the job; but do you or someone in your company have allergies to any of these agents? It’s important to know what your cleaning material is made of, so that you can protect your staff.
– Virtually every business is trying to go green these days, and in all likelihood you are as well. Being environmentally friendly, however, doesn’t just mean recycling paper products or looking at ride-share options – it goes much deeper and in fact should include products you use in every facet of your operation. One of the solutions is to look at your cleaning plan. At Bison Janitorial, we use environmentally-friendly cleaning agents and procedures. We don’t take chances with a cleaning agent – we do a thorough review of every cleaning solution we use in Winnipeg.

Knowing what you use to clean is, however, just half the battle. The other part is how to use it. Not every cleaning solution is safe for everyday use. Learn more about this in an upcoming blog from Bison Janitorial, or call us today at 204-589-0112 for your immediate cleaning services need.

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