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Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

Having a clean office is the key to maintaining a healthy environment. Customers do not want to come into an unsightly office and employees do not want to work in one. Follow the office cleaning tips below to ensure your office remains clean. 1. Cluttered Desks Maintaining a clutter free desk will assist in the […]


Tips on Keeping Commercial Kitchens Clean

Cleanliness is key in a commercial kitchen. This is important for restaurant kitchens, hotel kitchens and corporate kitchens. Keeping a commercial kitchen clean is essential to preventing the spread of illnesses and food borne illnesses. It is important to clean certain parts daily, weekly and monthly. Follow the tips on keeping commercial kitchens clean below. […]


Things You Forget to Clean at Your Office

Whether it’s big or small, businesses depend on many aspects to run efficiently. Maintaining a well-kept, hygienic environment will not only help to keep up appearances, but ensure that your employees stay happy and healthy, leading to increased productivity. From employees to custodians, people tend to overlook some of the places where a lot of […]


Carpet and Upholstery Care Tips

Floors are one of the largest areas that require cleaning in an office space. It is important to keep carpets and upholstery clean as uncleanliness is easily noticed by customers and employees on flooring. Commercial Carpet Cleaning and upholstery care is essential to maintaining the cleanliness of your office space. Follow the tips below to […]


How Cleanliness in The Workplace Leads to Increased Productivity

People understand the importance of keeping their home environments clean, but cleanliness is also an important factor in the workplace. Even relatively clean operations can create a buildup of dust, dirt and molds that make a working environment unhealthy and less productive. Here are a few important facts to know about how important a clean […]


Tips for Keeping Office Washrooms Clean

Having a clean and sanitary office washroom is essential to operations. This will also show your employees and customers that you truly care about them. If your office bathroom is dirty, people will form an opinion about your company in a negative way. Keep a clean washroom by following the tips below. Create a Schedule […]