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Fogging – Create a Safe Working Environment For Your Employees

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As employees begin to return to work, business owners and managers must ensure their working environment is safe and sanitary. Now more than ever, employees and customers are demanding higher sanitation standards for the places they work and visit.

Fogging has quickly emerged as one of the most popular measures an employer can take to quickly and effectively disinfect an entire workspace fast.

Studies have shown that an infected person can spread germs and viruses to an entire office in just 2-4 hours.

You may have cleaners come in for routine cleaning, but eliminating viruses and bacteria that cause illness requires professional services. A fogging treatment is a safe, affordable, and fast way to disinfect even hard to reach areas and the air.

Creating a safe work environment for your employees is easier and safer than it’s ever been. Eliminating viruses, bacteria, and pathogens from the should include a fogging treatment as part of your overall sanitary plan.

What Is Fogging?

Fogging is the method of disinfecting a space by spraying an ultra-fine mist of disinfecting droplets through the air and onto surfaces.

Whole room decontamination with fogging is quick and easy, reaching difficult to access areas such as cracks, ceilings, cupboards, and high walls. A fogging treatment can be used to treat almost any workspace and eliminates surface and airborne pathogens.

It’s essential when returning your workers to the workplace to do everything possible to eliminate any viruses that could be suspended in the air or hiding in hard to reach areas. Fogging plays an essential role in protecting people from a range of diseases and viruses including Salmonella, Influenza, and COVID-19.

Workplace Sanitation Questions

As owners and managers, you’ll need to ask some basic questions including:

  • Is my premise virus-free?
  • Are the surfaces in my premise safe to touch?
  • Is the air clean and free from airborne pathogens?
  • What hygiene procedures and bacteria control measures do I need to put in place?
  • What is my strategy to implement comprehensive hygiene standards?
  • What do I need to do to comply with new sanitization regulations?
  • How do I adapt to new and evolving social sanitation standards?

A fogging service will first survey the site using trained specialists. The site survey will provide:

• Risk assessment of the site
• Method statement
• Safe operating procedures

How Does Fogging Work?

A fogging specialist will sanitize the entire site using a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogger, spraying a fine mist of all-natural and food safe solution called Ultra-Lyte. A trained professional applies the solution throughout the entire premise using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The service systematically cleans every room and reaches all areas and touch-points.

Fogging droplets are so fine that they linger long enough to kill all airborne bacteria as well as on any surface it touches. Fogging is perfect for large areas and disinfects an entire room in under 30 minutes.

When completed, you can be sure that the fogging treatment has eliminated 99.99% of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses from every corner of your workspace. A completion report will provide further detail and assurance that you and your team are maintaining the highest standards of hygiene for your staff and customers.

Bison Janitorial has been serving the Winnipeg community for over 25 years. Our expert team of trained professionals can help you with any janitorial service across any buildings or residence. Our focus is on quality care and customer satisfaction, assuring you that your space will be cleaned and disinfected right the first time.

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