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Don’t DIY – Clean with the Pros!

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Don't DIY

When it comes to cleaning your office space or industrial building in Winnipeg and Manitoba, you might think to yourself, “piece of cake, my team can do this!”

That, unfortunately, is not the case. A true cleaning – one that goes deep and provides the thorough clean you need – can’t be done on your own. You need the hard working professionals at Bison Janitorial to do the job right.

Why do we say this? Here’s five reasons:

  1. Commercial grade equipment – Vacuums and other devices sold at retail doesn’t do as good a job as professional grade gear. Our vacuums are built for the rigors of commercial cleaning in Winnipeg, including having high quality filters to ensure the best clean possible.
  2. The right moves – Office and commercial cleaning  can’t be accomplished by simply running a vacuum over carpets and other floors, nor can some of the materials used be safely applied by any employee in your office. Our staff are trained in the use of these cleaning products to ensure that injury does not occur.
  3. Clean green – Many off-the-shelf cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals. At Bison Janitorial, We know there’s a better way. We’ve researched our cleaning products thoroughly and use top-of-the-line products that are environmentally clean and provide a fantastic clean for your Winnipeg office.
  4. Customized solutions – Your business doesn’t run the same way as the other guys, so why should your clean match theirs? Every office, industrial building and commercial centre in Winnipeg has unique features, and Bison Janitorial meets these facets with a customized approach to planning and executing your clean.
  5. Peace – No need to throw your arms up when your cleaning equipment breaks down, shouting “Serenity now!” Take the headache of scheduling your cleaning around your busy schedule away and let us do the job for you. Book a regular cleaning with us, and call us if something urgent arises, without throwing yet another task on your staff that they’d rather not do!

To learn more about the expert cleaning services from Bison Janitorial, call us today at (204) 589-0112 or use our contact form!

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