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Commercial Cleaning vs Janitorial Services: What’s the Difference?

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Keeping your workplace clean and looking its best is an essential part of any business. No matter whether you are a large office building or a small clothing store, a clean and tidy premises is crucial to keeping your staff happy and productive. It will also ensure that your customers are getting the very best first impression possible of your business.

However, when it comes to maintenance, what’s the difference between a commercial cleaning company and janitorial services? We thought we would take a closer look…

What’s the difference?

While both options provide an array of similar duties, they are also quite different. Janitorial services tend to cover your more day-to-day cleaning services, while a commercial cleaning company is typically utilized for specific and specialist requirements.

What do janitorial services cover?

Keeping on top of your workplace cleaning can be a big task, and it will often require daily care to ensure that it remains looking its best and as inviting as possible. Janitorial services will cover these daily maintenance and cleaning duties, giving you complete peace of mind.

A Janitor will help with an array of cleaning requirements, including:

  • Dusting all workspaces
  • Vacuuming any carpets and flooring
  • Mopping and hard floors
  • Cleaning all restrooms
  • Cleaning and tidying your kitchen or staff break rooms
  • Emptying any trash cans
  • Sanitizing all touchpoints
  • Cleaning any windows and mirrors

What does a commercial cleaning service cover?

While those daily cleaning duties are essential in keeping your property looking its best, there are times when you might need more specialist services. This is where a professional commercial cleaning company can help you.

The frequency and services you require will depend on your industry, but typically commercial cleaning covers:

  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Comprehensive hard floor washing and cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Deep window cleaning
  • Power washing any exterior areas
  • Deep clean and sanitation of all workspaces
  • Cleaning of all upholstery and furniture

In need of janitorial services?

Are you in need of comprehensive janitorial services in Winnipeg? Here at Bison Janitorial Services Ltd., we have been supporting businesses across the local with their janitorial needs since 1993, and we are incredibly proud of the reputation we have built up.

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