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Carpet and Upholstery Care Tips

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Floors are one of the largest areas that require cleaning in an office space. It is important to keep carpets and upholstery clean as uncleanliness is easily noticed by customers and employees on flooring. Commercial Carpet Cleaning and upholstery care is essential to maintaining the cleanliness of your office space. Follow the tips below to ensure your office’s floor’s cleanliness.

1. Clean the Outdoors

Floors in commercial spaces often become dirty due to dust and grime that is brought in on shoes from outdoors. Keep the outdoor area clean to remove how much dirt is tracked in. This can be done through spraying down parking lots, sidewalks and entrances. Be sure to keep the spray away from the building, however, to avoid runoff into the building.

2. Provide Mats at the Doors

Create systems in place for visitors and employees to clean off their shoes before entering the building. Provide a carpet or mat where individuals can wipe off their shoes before entering the main area. Ensure you vacuum these mats as well, however.

3. Vacuum

Vacuuming is essential in ensuring that carpets and upholstery remain clean. Ensure that the frequency of vacuuming works for you and your business’ needs. If your business is a school, for instance, vacuum everyday. If it is a small office space, you can probably do with only vacuuming once a week.

4. Use Mats for Desks and Chairs

Many retailers create mats that are made from plastic that can be used under desks and chairs. These can prevent marking on the carpets and upholsteries, as well as prevent stains where the mats lay. They can simply be cleaned by wiping them down when a spill happens.

5. Stop Stains from Happening

Place waterproof mats where stains are prone to happen. These include areas such as by the sinks and coffee makers. When spills happen on these mats, just as the desk and chair mats, they can be simply wiped off rather than having to utilize cleaning materials on upholstery and carpeting.

6. Perform Spot Cleaning

Ensure that each custodian is trained to spot clean. Employees should know protocol for spot cleaning happens. As soon as a spill occurs, it should be cleaned before a stain ensues. These spills and spots can be cleaned by blotting up as much as possible. A cleaning solution is then used to get the rest of the spill up.

7. Have Deep Cleaning Regularly

If your office or business has heavy foot traffic from employees or customers, there will be heavy dirt and soiling. Allow professionals to come in on a regular basis to provide a deep cleaning on the carpet and upholstery. This will pull out any dirt that is in the fibers that will not come up with a vacuum.

Maintaining carpet and upholstery upkeep is essential to the cleanliness of a building. Follow the steps above to see results in the cleanliness of your business’ floors. Start cleaning today. 

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