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An Apple A Day Doesn’t Keep the Dirt Away

Author: Bison Janitorial

Whether it’s beating the common cold or helping to prevent major health issues, visiting a doctor is a crucial part of life – but just how clean is that doctor’s office? These offices see hundreds of patients pass through each month, often coughing and sneezing, which can easily spread germs and make it very tough to keep clean.

Where are the dirtiest places in a doctor’s office? We thought we would take a closer look…Cleaning Doc

  1. Waiting room
    The waiting room is one of the hardest areas to keep clean. It is here where every patient and member of staff will pass through, which means it is often the hotspot for germs and dirt. One of the toughest areas to keep clean is the furniture and furnishings, which will usually require deep cleaning to ensure they are fully sanitized.

    Of course, it’s not just the furniture, and research has shown that the item with the most germs is actually the pen that patients use to fill out their paperwork!

  2. Door handles and switches
    Another very common area for germs and dirt is the door handles and light switches. As patients cough or sneeze into their hands, the vast majority of them are then not washing them before opening a door. This can leave them packed with surface germs that, if not cleaned regularly, can quickly spread bacteria.
  3. Children’s toys
    Children’s toys and play areas are an essential part of any doctor’s office, but they are also a prime spot for germs and bacteria. We all know how messy kids can be, and they will often grab and play with these toys with dirty hands. That is why it is essential that these toys are regularly being wiped down and cleaned to prevent them from spreading germs around.

Looking to keep your doctor’s office clean?

Here at Bison Janitorial Services Ltd., we know how important it is to keep your office clean and regularly sanitized. For nearly 20 years, we have been working with thousands of clients across Winnipeg, and we utilize this experience to ensure the highest standards of cleaning with every job.

Our comprehensive approach will ensure a regular and thorough cleaning of your entire property, reducing the risk of spreading germs. Want to find out more? Get in touch with our team today!

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